Five Responses to Personal Criticism

Nothing can hurt as much as hearing personal criticism when we have been doing our best to serve the people the Lord has put under our care.  How are we to rightly respond when we become aware of personal criticism?


Immediately confess the Word of God that He will harmonize all things so they will work together for our good.



Immediately upon hearing the report, choose to forgive the person who criticized.



First Peter chapter three verse nine says when we are reproached we are to bless that one because we are actually called to this so that we may receive a blessing.



Now, listen objectively to the criticism to discover if there is any truth in it.  If there is any truth to it then change…if not then you will be even more convinced that you were right.



If others do not know of the personal offense then keep it between you and the Lord.  If you seek pity from others you may cause them to take up an offense for you, particularly your spouse.