Leap of Faith?

Recently I was having a discussion with a friend of mine when the term “Leap of Faith” came up in the context of looking for a new job.

His question to me was, should I quit my job that I am miserable in, and take a leap of faith or do I just hope for the best. The question is not a new one but perhaps coupled with the contrast of hope it seemed to have a different twist.

We usually think of a leap of faith in regards to taking a step without a whole lot direction, if any.

It sounds really supernatural when you say it out loud as if to say I am throwing myself off this skyscraper, and having faith to believe God will catch me. Probably many of us have had to pray for someone who took the proverbial leap of faith and later blamed God for the misfire or blaming someone else for the misdirection.

Somehow to me the word “leap” and “faith” is an oxymoron when used in the same sentence. Faith is not as blind as some would try to make it appear. Of course Hebrews chapter 11, which is the Hall of Fame chapter for faith, says continually “By Faith”. Though faith is the evidence of things hoped for which means there is evidence. The very fact there is hope implies there is something being expected to happen. Faith has an objective though the evidence is not seen by bystanders it is seen in the heart of the one carrying the faith for it. My friend was so miserable in his environment the leap was representing relief from the moment.

Three Stages in the Leading of the Holy Spirit

So here was our final conclusion to the discussion that seemed to satisfy the question between a leap of faith and the leading of the Holy Spirit. I said to him “you are in the looking stage and it is easy to get that confused with urge to jump ship” though jumping ship and drowning would have been a respite from the chaos. I define the looking stage as the beginning of seeking for direction, but not quite sure of the next step. The second stage is what I call the seeing stage. Looking is different than seeing. The seeing stage is more focused and defined as a real picture not just a foggy desire. The third stage is the finale even though it can be the most difficult because it calls for a decision. Where the first stage can be enjoyed with a dream or vision…now the third stage is crunch time. It is time to act upon what I am seeing. I realize there are times when the situation may be untenable requiring a quick response to be made.  Usually we make better decisions when we are given time to Look, See and Act.  Then somehow faith breaks through!!!